Second Annual Pro Cowboy Country Music Awards Show’s

Televised Audience Takes Giant Leap Forward

The cowboy country music universe has exploded in size!

The Second Annual Pro Cowboy Country Music Awards Show just announced a significant expansion of the event’s television audience. Last year’s inaugural broadcast of the awards show was enjoyed by some 25 million viewers. This year’s awards show audience is expected to expand to more than 50 million viewers, with the addition of major broadcast providers such as Direct TV, Dish and AT&T.

​The Second Annual Pro Cowboy Country Music Awards Show is set for Oct. 13 in historic Fort Smith, Arkansas. Held in the Fort Smith Convention Center, the event, recorded live-to-tape, will air on RFD-TV’s The Cowboy Channel, along with Direct TV channel 603, Dish Network channel 232, AT&T channel 566, plus coverage on Cox, Charter Spectrum, Comcast, Suddenlink, Sling TV's Heartland Package and Verizon’s FiOS TV. On the horizon for carrying the awards show broadcast are Amazon, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Hulu.

Submission for 2018 Awards Show Rules.

Deadline to be considered for an award is – May 8, 2018.

To be eligible to submit, you must be a  Pro Cowboy Country Music Artist Member.

Eligibility- 2015 - 2016 projects that have not been submitted in a PCCAA awards show in the past, and  2017 projects.

This is the last year we will be going back 3 years. New projects should abound by 2019.

2018 Awards Show October 12th - 13th

“It’s truly exciting that even more fans of cowboy country music will get to see their favorite artists perform on stage—and receive deserving awards—than they did last year. A larger TV audience is a solid sign that the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association has struck a response chord with the cowboy country music world,” declares Royal Wade Kimes, founder of the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association. 

The award categories for the event are Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Female Vocalist, Male Vocalist, Group of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Novelist of the Year, DJ of the Year, New Cowboy Country Star, Legend of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

 Kimes, a national recording artist known as “The Gentleman Outlaw,” has recorded fourteen albums, received numerous awards as an artist and has written songs for Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Gene Watson and others. He was voted Best Living Western Solo Musician in 2010 by True West magazine and was nominated by the Academy of Western Artists in 2014 in the Most Outstanding Male Western Artist category.

 Kimes points out that today’s cowboy country music is built on the traditions of the past. “Country music started out Cowboy Country with the likes of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Marty Robbins, Tex Ritter and others. The Second Annual Pro Cowboy Country Music Awards Show continues that rich musical tradition.”


Royal Wade Kimes, Wonderment Records, 615-969-8301

 Betty Ford, PCCAA Artist and Membership Relations, 501-303-4134.

Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association

The Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association (PCCAA) is an Organization of Professional Creators and Entertainers. Many are Cowboys and Cowgirls living and creating the lifestyle while others share a devoted love of the west and its colorful history. The West is Cowboy Country. Its music, stories, poetry, and western novels, as well as western craftsman who make knives, saddles, spurs, and musical instruments contribute to the rich history of the West. The cowboy and cowgirl artist are expanding the boundaries of the culture by mixing old with new and new with old.

The Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association draws a strong emphasizes on family values and the wholesome cowboy way of life both on and off stage.

Awards Catagories 2018:

1.  Song of the Year
2.  Album of the Year
3.  Songwriter of the Year
4.  Male Vocalist
5.  Female Vocalist
6.  Western Swing Album of the Year
7.  Yodeler of the Year
8.  Group of the Year (two or more constitutes a group)
9.  Novelist of the Year
10.  DJ of the Year
11.  Legend of the Year
12.  Entertainer of the Year
13.  Musician of the Year
14.  Producer of the Year
15.  New Cowboy Country Star of the Year