Stand-Out Performances Add Memorable Moments to Second Annual Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association Awards Show And Upcoming National TV Broadcast.

Powerful musical performances and surprise award winners were at the second annual Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association Awards Show in historic Fort Smith, Arkansas. Held in the Fort Smith Convention Center, the event, recorded live-to-tape, will air December 5th at 7 p.m. eastern time and December 8th at 11:30 p.m. eastern time on RFD-TV’s The Cowboy Channel.

“What an amazing night! The stars of cowboy country music were truly spectacular during our second annual awards show. The performances were remarkable, and the award acceptance moments were teary-eyed magical,” declares Royal Wade Kimes, founder of the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association.

“There was a musical bridge from last year’s show to this year’s show,” explains Kimes, “when 2017 Entertainer of the Year Kristyn Harris and 2017 Male Vocalist Terry Brown wowed the 2018 audience with show-stopping new songs.”

“The star-studded band put together for this event was like no other. This wasn't just a band, it was the band,” states Kimes. Band members were Paul Hollowell, who plays for Dolly Parton and John Anderson, Matt McKenzie, Ricky Scaggs’ bass player, Jimmy Mattingly, Garth Brooks’ fiddle and mandolin player, Mike Noble, Don Williams’ acoustic player and Grand Old Opry player, Ted Tretiak, one of the Top 10 drummers in the country, and Steve Peavey, Don Williams’ steel player.

An unforgettable segment of the show came as part of the Legend of the Year presentation to the late Country Music Hall of Famer Johnny Bond, when his daughter, Sherry Bond, was interviewed by Kimes. The interview was followed by the High Country Cowboys singing their brand new version of Bond’s mega-hit “Cimarron.”

Kimes, a national recording artist known as “The Gentleman Outlaw,” has recorded fourteen albums, received numerous awards as an artist and has written songs for Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Gene Watson and others. He was voted Best Living Western Solo Musician in 2010 by True West magazine and was nominated by the Academy of Western Artists in 2014 in the Most Outstanding Male Western Artist category. Kimes has recorded on Warner/Asylum Records as well as Wonderment Records producing a string of hits charting Music Row Magazine, Billboard, and International Hot Top 40 Charts. Kimes and Garth Brooks teamed up with a duet Nightbirds that flew to No.1 Internationally for several weeks.

Awards presented at the show are Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Female Vocalist, Male Vocalist, Group of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Novelist of the Year, DJ of the Year, New Cowboy Country Star, Legend of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

Winners receive an engraved, custom-designed Montana Silversmiths belt buckle displayed in an elegant wood and glass case. Entertainer of the Year and Legend of the Year winners receive custom-made guitars, hand-crafted by Joe Kosel of the High Country Cowboys from the best resonating woods and covered in pearl inlay.

“The Song of the Year competition was really tight,” acknowledges Kimes. “Exceptional songs were sung by Barry Ward, Bob Corley, Dan McCorison and Carlos Washington, and Ryan Fritz. Just wait until you hear the quality of these tunes.”

The Legend of the Year winner, the late Johnny Bond, had a remarkable career as an actor in more than 40 films, singer, musician and songwriter. He worked with Jimmy Wakely, Tex Ritter, and Johnny Mack Brown. As a songwriter, he penned hit songs, including "Cimarron," "I Wonder Where You Are Tonight," “Hot Rod Lincoln, "Conversation With a Gun" and "I'll Step Aside."

Of Bond, Kimes notes, “He was a multiple talented individual that for all practical purposes knew no bounds in the entertainment business. His writings were ahead of the times and his ability to handle business was one we all could learn from, even today.”

The custom-made guitar awarded to Bond as the 2018 Legend of the Year will occupy a place of honor in the Tex Ritter Museum in Carthage, Texas. 

Kimes was able to put his own special musical mark on the awards show when his performance of the ballad “Senorita” brought down the house. Of the moment, he says, “That kind of spontaneous reaction is a truly humbling experience.”

The audience for this year’s televised broadcast of the awards show will dwarf last year’s audience. Last year’s show had about 25 million viewers. This year’s audience is expected to expand to more than 50 million viewers, with the addition of major broadcast providers such as Direct TV, Dish and AT&T.

Along with RFD-TV’s The Cowboy Channel, the awards show will be broadcast on Direct TV channel 603, Dish Network channel 232, AT&T channel 566, plus coverage on Cox, Charter Spectrum, Comcast, Suddenlink, Sling TV's Heartland Package and Verizon’s FiOS TV. On the horizon for carrying the awards show broadcast are Amazon, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Hulu.

“The doubled-in-size TV audience,” explains Kimes, “proves that the Pro Cowboy Country Artist Association has struck a responsive chord with both cowboy country performers and with their legion of fans from all over the U.S. and world. The connection is significant and momentous.”

Kimes pauses. “You know, there are two horses in country music today. There is the first horse that embodies the Contemporary Pop-Country music of Nashville, and there’s the second horse that represents Cowboy Country music the association has brought to Fort Smith, Arkansas. I’ve had the good fortune to ride the first horse. I’ve seen what he can do. Now, I’m mounted and riding the second. He is barreling out of the gate and hitting his stride. I welcome you to Cowboy Country Music, Fort Smith!”


Royal Wade Kimes, PCCAA & Wonderment Records,

Betty Ford, PCCAA Artist and Membership Relations,, 1-970-433-4387

2018 Awards Show To Air in December


Second Annual Pro Cowboy Country Music Awards Show to air December 5, 2018 at 7 P.M. Eastern time on RFD Cowboy Channel.

It will air again on December 8, 2018 at 11:30 P.M. Eastern time.


Channels are: 

Dish Network Channel 232

Direct Television Channel 603

AT &T U-Verse Channel 566

Sudden Link Channel 365

Verizon FIOS Channel 246

Cox Cable, Comcast, Charter Spectrum and many other rural cable systems.

The Cowboy Channel can also be streamed via Sling TV's Heartland Extra Package.